Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So you don't think the iphone is a game system? Allow me to change your mind.

I'm going to do a series of the Top 15 games of different consoles (out of the games I've played).

The first Top 15 I'm going to do is for the iphone/itouch. Who doesn't have an iphone/itouch these days? I'll start with this because I have about 600 games for my itouch and most people don't really know all the awesome games that it has. You will soon come to realize that if you give your phone a chance, it can rival the Nintendo DS, easily.


Minisquadron's gameplay is very simple, it's just an arcade shmup thats extremely addicting and fun to play. There's a few modes, but a ton of power up's and probably about 100 planes to unlock. Ufo's, Flying stone heads, flying panda's, jets and a lot more.

14.I Dig It 2

If you like exploration games, this is definitely for you. There's hours of gameplay per level, and there's about half a dozen levels for you to explore; an underwater level, jungle level, arctic level, ect. There's hundreds of things to find in each level, and once you get enough stuff you can take your treasures to the surface to sell and then upgrade different aspects of your driller, which include fuel, cargo capacity, the hull, coolant, radar and much more. You easily get lost in the game, its just a ton of fun to explore and find new things. It's even a lot of fun to just dig tunnels and make different pathways underneath the earth.


Tetryon is not your everyday Puzzle game. It has a strong strategy aspect to it. Basically you remove pieces by placing them in a certain order. So for instance, if you have the same piece, you must put them down 1 3 2, (or 2 3 1) connecting the 2 on the ends with the one in the middle last. If they are the same color but different shapes, connecting it in a 1 3 2 order will link them, and then you can get rid of them by making another 1 3 2 combo. In addition to this you can also put 5 of the same piece in a 1 2 3 4 5 order, an L shape, a T shape and more. You get more points for making bigger combo's, but its also easier to run out of room and lose the mission. The design is also notable as there's three different categories of pieces; glyphs, hieroglyphics and my favorite, 8-bit.


Dropship is an arcade shooter taxi game in which you have to rescue your comrades (whom are all from your contact list on your iphone lol) while shooting down enemies. Once you get to the bottom of the map/cave there's a box you have to pick up and fly to the surface within a certain amount of time. The visuals in this game are also great looking and any fan of the retro genre is sure to love it. Awesome visuals, fun gameplay, and a energetic electronic soundtrack make this game a great title to own.

11.Tilt to Live

The main objective in Tilt to Live is to help your little arrow icon survive and slay as many red dots as possible. To help you is an arsenal of weapons, explosions, freezings, missiles, spike shields, black holes, and a bunch more. On top of the easy and hard modes, there's a sort of obstacle course mode and frostbite mode. There's a ton of re playablity as there's a lot of achievements and it's updated often.


EliminatePro is a free to play online first person shooter. The way it works is you get about a dozen matches a day in which you can obtain credits for playing well. With the credits you can buy weapons, and upgrade just about any aspect of them. Zoom, aim, damage, reload and a lot more. On top of this there's also powersuits you can buy that excel in certain attributes, and you can also upgrade those suits as well. After you run out of energy and can no longer obtain credits, you can still play as many matches as you want, and nothing is different other then the fact that you don't obtain credits until your energy recharges. Definitely try this one out, its free to download.

9. iBlast Moki

iBlast Moki is probably the best physics puzzler on the iphone/itouch. The whole goal of the game is to use bombs to blast the little "Moki's" into the portal that takes them home. You have multiple tools at your disposal, and the levels get increasingly difficult and offer a great challenge. There's also a fully featured level editor and after creating your desired map you can upload them and play other custom levels as well.

8. Dark Nebula 1&2

Dark Nebula Chapter 1 and 2 are pretty amazing games. Its a rolling game where you use the accelerometer to roll the ball to the goal. Yea, there's a ton of those on the iphone, but this one is different. It has new obstacles and challenges in every levels, it has enemies and even boss fights. The style is awesome, this game is a must have, and once you look at the trailer above you'll see what I mean. Chapter 1 has 10 levels and Chapter 2 has 19 levels.

7. Space Miner

Space Miner is an exploration/shmup where you go to various sectors to collect different ores, which you can then sell and upgrade your ship. There a huge amount of customization as you won't even be able to get every item on your first run. You can only get several special weapons per run through, and it'll will probably take you 6-7 times to play through the game until you get them all. The humor is pretty good and its just an overall fun and addicting game that will keep you playing for quite awhile.

6. Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

In "Spider" you play as a... you guessed it, spider, on a quest to eat all the bugs in the house, yard, sewer, and any other place that exists within the Mansion. This is a gorgeous game with a great art style, with a very relaxing soundtrack and gameplay. The only way to lose is to run out of web, which refills when you eat bugs.

5. Rhythm Spirit

Rhythm Spirit is a "fighting rhythm" game with an amazing soundtrack and great story. It reminded me of Gitaroo Man, which is probably why I like it so much. The only problem is its a little short, but its definitely worth the price, as its almost worth getting for the soundtrack alone.

4. Chaos Rings

Chaos Rings should have just been another Final Fantasy because it's just as good as one. Everything about this game is amazing, with an engaging battle system, that is sort of like rock, paper, scissors with elements. Think pokemon but having the ablilty to change your element and the enemies element, so if you cast a fire spell on the enemy it will change to fire type, then you can make yourself water type and your attacks will do more damage. On top of everything this game has to offer you can replay it as multiple different couples which reveals more of the story. The only downside is the price, its a bit expensive but that's how all square iphone games are.

3. Quest

The best way to describe Quest would be to call it Dungeons & Dragons: First Person Diablo Edition (lol). This game has it all, firstly, when you set up your character, you can pick between the normal classes such as "warrior/theif/mage/ranger" but if you're not happy with those choices you can make your own class from scratch, giving yourself whatever abilities you want (but there is a limit on how many you can have). You can pick your race, and even have relations with every villager/person in the game, choosing to steal from them, or help them. There's also a huge amount of crafting, alchemy, blacksmithing, making armour, ect. If that doesn't sound like enough to do there are about 10 expansions for Quest you can buy, and use your character on. This is truly one of the best games I've ever played.

2. Super Quick Hook

Super Quick Hook (and its predecessor Hook Champ) are sidescrollers in which you swing to the goal with you're grappling hook, its easy to pick up but very difficult to master. SQH has a ton of levels, 2 endless modes, many unlockables and upgrades and is constantly being upgraded with new content and new ways to play. The final levels are some of the most challenging levels I've ever played in a game. If you call yourself a gamer and want an awesome game that has a lot of replay value, Super Quick Hook is a must have.

1. Edge

Ahh Edge, anyone who read my previous blog posts could have probably guessed that this would be my number one. This game is stunning. The atmosphere just sucks you into the completely immersive gaming experience. The soundtrack changes from strangely spacey to upbeat and cheerful, the retro, psychedelic style also fits the soundtrack very well, and the gameplay makes the game truly shine. It's called Edge because of a technique you use in the game, you basically have to balance your cube just right against a wall or block, not to high or not to low, cause then you will fall off, and many times all that's below you is the darkness of space. You can see this technique in the trailer above when the timer appears over your cube. I think the most I've ever held my cube on an edge is about 11 seconds. Download this one, you won't be disappointed.

So that's my list, possibly the best thing about it is you can buy all these games and it won't even cost you $50. Next time you have some extra cash, check out some of these titles. You'll thank me later.


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  13. @Cynthia I think the iphone is actually better then the PSP, I also have a PSP and DS, I think the DS and iphone are close to equal, possibly with the DS winning overall (im going to do a DS games list soon) I like my PSP but theres honestly not to much out there for it. Most of the stuff thats good on the PSP is also out for the iphone (but not Dissidia, which is probably the best game on the PSP:) )

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