Sunday, September 26, 2010

5 games that have incredibly epic duels

My favorite type of boss fight in any video game is one in which the fight is fairly even, and by that I mean the boss isn't too overpowering or too weak, as in the protagonist and antagonist have nearly the same amount of powers, skills etc. A great duel makes you become perfectly in sync with the character you're controlling, like a race car driver controlling his vehicle. If you don't become the character you will often lose, because some duels don't give you a second to react, you simply have to be the character.

So for example, in Mario, Bowser always has a lot more abilities and powers then Mario, he can breathe fire, he's much bigger, he can throw axes etc. so that wouldn't count, but Mario Vs. a Koopa Kid would be the type of fight I'm talking about. Nothing in which the Boss is too big, powerful etc. Also I'm not including multiplayer, since most multiplayer games can be considered duels, and traditional fighting games are also out since fighting games are essentially duels.

Metal Gear Solid Series

The Metal Gear Solid series has some amazing duels. I've only played 1 & 2 unfortunately, but in those two alone there were tons of one on one's. Psycho Mantis, Fortune, Vamp, Revolver Ocelot etc.

Solid Snake and Raiden fight all kinds of villians having weird powers with as much variance as the X-Men. The Duels in the Metal Gear Solid Series are top notch, and worth a look.

                             Raiden VS Vamp (Metal Gear Solid 2)

                 Solid Snake VS Screaming Mantis (Metal Gear Solid 4)


Mad world is possibly my favorite game on the Wii. In Madworld, the protagonist (if you can call him that), Jack, is basically on a TV show where the objective of the "game" is to be the number one tough guy in Vatican City. You rise through the ranks, picking off one contestant after another, until you've killed everyone in your way on your quest to #1.

                                Jack VS Jude the Dude (Madworld)

Madworld is full of duels, every boss is a one on one with some sort of unique power or ability. Jack's ability? He has a chainsaw strapped to his arm, and he's a complete bada**. This is a game where I played the bosses over and over again, because amazing duels is what this game is all about.

Warning: This is the final boss of Madworld, if you intend on playing it, don't watch it, if you don't care, prepare for one of the coolest fights in gaming.

Final Fantasy: Dissidia

Yes, I know it's a fighting game, but I did say "traditional" fighting game, and Dissidia is far from that. Final Fantasy Dissidia is just pure gaming awesomeness. The duels are so engaging and fun that it gives you that "high and mighty" feeling when you win a hard battle. All of Final Fantasy's main protagonists and antagonists go head to head with all their powers to see what rules all; the light or the darkness.

With hundreds of equitable item, weapons, and clothing, and a huge synthesis system, the customization is endless when your creating the perfect fighter. With the fast paced incredible soundtrack, and speed of the battle, Dissidia will engage you in many many ways.

 I personally recorded these myself, since Dissidia makes it pretty easy to get replay videos off your PSP and onto your computer, if you've never seen any footage of Dissidia, now is the time to do it.

                                    Warrior of Light VS Garland

 The Warrior of Light Vs. Garland, both from the first Final Fantasy. The interesting thing about this fight is that I actually won with zero HP, Garland hit me right as I was doing my finisher and I somehow came out ahead.

                                            Cloud VS Ultimecia

Cloud, from Final Fantasy VII, VS Ultimecia, from Final Fantasy VIII. Ultimecia had me on the ropes the whole time, but in the end, I pulled ahead and beat her.

                                       Onion Knight VS Sephiroth

Onion Knight, from Final Fantasy III, VS Sephiroth, from Final Fantasy VII. Onion Knight is actually my favorite character, he has a ton of magical abilities, plus physical attacks, and he has 2 special moves, one as the "Ninja" class and the other as a Red Mage, which are both demonstrated in this video.

 Bomberman 64/ The Second Attack

Yes, Bomberman 64 again, I know I write about it a lot, but its just that good of a game. Bomberman 64/ The Second Attack isn't like any other Bomberman game out there. These two amazing platformers have an awesome story, great gameplay, and of course, adrenaline filled duels.

                         Bomberman VS Regulus (Bomberman 64)

                              Regulus' dash attack is a one hit KO

                            Bomberman VS Altair (Bomberman 64)

                                       "You wanna fight me?"

             Bomberman VS Zohina (Bomberman 64: The Second Attack)
Warning: Spoiler @ 3:00 in this video, if you've never played "The Second Attack" but you have played Bomberman 64, this will spoil something about the plot of the sequel.

Megaman Series

If you're a gamer you could have seen this coming from miles away. Of course, no game has greater duels than the Megaman series. The robot masters basically have every power under the sun (especially Solarman) and there are sure plenty of them. With well over 100 robot masters, Megaman is the perfect example of how a proper duel should be (but only if you use the Megabuster, of course).

                                       The Robot Masters from Megaman 1-9

                                         Megaman 2 Boss Run

                                       Megaman 9 Boss Run

So, any games I'm missing? I haven't played No More Hero's yet or I'm sure that would have made the list. Anyone have any games with awesome duels? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Hm, the games you mentioned weren't my favorite type of games.

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  3. I have to agree on the MGS duels. True boss fights, really awesome.

  4. I knew Mega Man had to be on there. Good picks, truly.

    Most games do seem to be super out-of-balance, one way or the other, you're right. It's hard to think of some titles with boss battles where either you're not way overpowered or the boss isn't way overpowered.

  5. uau i remember metal gear solid from PS2 .it was such a great game those days.

  6. Megaman brought back some memories. Awesome videos man, makes me want to pick up that game!

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  8. You didnt mention the whole Legend of Zelda series come on!!!!! Completely agree with megaman though. I loved the for with zero playstation especially. Ah man the memories.

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  14. Snake VS Psycho Mantis.. most epic battle ever.
    How do you get around his mind-reading abilities?
    You switch from port 1 to port 2 to your controller! Its genious!

  15. Good selection! Got to agree with Solid Snake VS Screaming Mantis

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  21. ALOT of fights right there! I played through MGS 1 and I do agree, it did have some of the most awesome boss fights! My first thought went to Revolver Ocelot, in the room with the 4 pillars and cables(?) you couldn't touch (lol my memory is quite foggy), it sure took me some time to beat him (I was young!) :P

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  29. OMG Madworld Got a plug? I played through this game and thought it was ULTRA clunky but a lot of fun...Almost broke my Nunchuck off playing this game.

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  34. Metal Gear Solid 2 was the first game I ever played on my PS2 so it will always hold a special place in my heart. It's just a shame that a few years later I tried to replay it but was unable to recapture the magic.